Fear and Loathing in Amonkhet

Looks like the boys are at it again! They keep Danny from packing so he can go on vacation in Season 2, Episode 2 with BREAKING NEWS that Gilmore as given up WoW! Francis is over the moon about Mass Effect: Andromeda and shares more Kickstarter shenanigans with Danny. Also, find out ways to make your own magic cards, as well as a new Commander format based around yourself. They also look back at drafting Modern Masters 17  as well as a early preview of Amonkhet. Some of the new mechanics are discussed as well why we are not impressed with the new Invocation Chase cards.

….except for Danny..but by now, we all know he is wrong.

Regardless of that, we hope you enjoy this anyway. And as always, your feedback is appreciated.

It’s WrestleMania Week Brother!!!!!!



In the pilot episode of the SuperHeavy Wrestling Podcast, “The Franchise” Christopher Francis goes solo versus the WWE. He takes on the epic segment between John Cena and The Miz on Smackdown. He also faces each match at Wrestlemania and gives you the winners and why. Also, commentary on bringing Stables back to the WWE and why the groundwork is already in place. Can you go 50 minutes with us?  Find out here!

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Guess Who’s Back?

Danny has never looked better!

Look who decided to show up for Season 2! The Boys are back they have something to say. Check back in with Atlanta’s favorite degenerates, Chris Francis, Chris Gilmore and Danny George as they get behind the microphone again.

In Season 2, Episode 1, The Boys preview and speculate on Modern Masters 2017. They also take a look at Rising Sun (from Cool Mini or Not) and Elder Dice, both on Kickstarter, and ask the question “Why in the hell are we playing WoW this time?” Also, Francis discusses the new face of  Thunderstone Quest (by AEG) and Gilmore is really mad at Cryptozoic… AGAIN! Find out why on the New Flipping Tables Podcast!


RAWR! It’s Lily!!


Pokemon Gears of Fire Theme Deck Unboxing

Danny pops open a theme deck for Pokemon Gears of Fire.

The Pokemon Go crazy has revitalized public interest in everything Pokemon.  For Danny it’s the card game that has a renewed interest.  Stay tuned for deck build videos as he prepares for Giga Bites Cafe’s new Sunday Pokemon League.

Highlander: Movie Edition Unboxing


This one is for all you old, dead game lovers. This is an unboxing video of a Starter Deck from the CCG, Highlander: Movie Edition. Still sealed for over 20 years, we take a look at the contents inside and get a glimpse of how the game used to be played. For some of you, this will be ancient history, for others, a brand new world. I would love nothing more than to see a revival of this game. Let’s start here.

Enjoy…and as always feedback is greatly appreicated.

Ghostbusters 2016

So I went and saw Ghostbusters 2016 this weekend.


Over what seems like the past half year I’ve heard nothing but hate for the concept of this movie. Responses ranged from the sensible “I don’t like Melissa McCarthy or Paul Feig” to the absolutely crazy notion that they are feminizing a piece of their child hood that should remain intact. People just seemed ready to dump on this before anyone had seen it. To be fair, McCarthy is a bit much to take and her roles in movies like I Spy and Tammy. She’s almost like the female Chris Farley and oddly when the buffoon is your buddy you are cool with it and when it’s a female it’s off putting.  Add to that the extreme hit and miss nature of SNL movies have (for every Waynes World there are three McGrubers) and I understand some of the initial backlash surrounding the movie.

What I have an issue with is people bashing it because of it’s female starring cast.  Statements like “feminism is destroying my childhood” to me are indicators of your own personal bias and really have no place when deciding if a film is worth the ticket price.  The thought of critical acclaim for a comedy to me is also a misnomer because it’s designed to make you laugh, not think.

Now that the movie is out the critics have eased up and some have even admitted that it’s at least entertaining.  A 73% Rotten Tomatoes score is probably a good sign seeing how much this movie was vilified before it was even released.  At the end of the day it’s a fun retelling of an old story that you shouldn’t be taking seriously anyway.

Podcast Episode 3- Story Time with Wil and Wandering the Streets

In this episode, our friend Wil stops by to talk about the lore of M:tG’s upcoming release Eldritch Moon. He weaves the magical tale of The Gatewatch on Zendikar and how they screwed things up and brought the party to Innistrad, with a little help of their friends. And this Pokemon Go! MAY get Gilmore out of the house. Maybe!

Also, Danny’s coffee, Francis vs. Evil Dead 2 as well as our normal Shenanigans!

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Why Settle for the LESSER of Two Evils?


Cthulhu. For President.

I really don’t even need to talk about the amount of awesome the card possesses. Forget the effect; forget the mechanics…hell, forget the GAME. This card is BADASS because it is. End of discussion. Your argument is invalid!  Cthulhu is like the bacon of the gaming world- EVERYTHING is better with Cthulhu. and with this farce of a political cycle, the levity is well needed and a pretty damn good idea.  (not to mention, certainly a better option than at least one of the candidate running.).

Let’s face it. The only thing that would this post more badass would be if Bruce Campbell was in it!



Ah! That’s more like it!  (The Red Jacket is really a nice touch!)

I don’t think Cthulhu would make a great third party candidate, but the playing field would sure be leveled…as would the buildings…and monuments…and offices …infrastructure…people…pretty much everything! FLATTENED!

And in Washington, D.C that is called A Good Start! Wouldn’t you agree?